Technology transfer

The group is mostly made up of teachers with an engineering background, who have worked in the industry before joining the group as teachers. This composition has led to a clear commitment to work with the business environment, which follows three clearly different lines of work translated into three activities that are always developed by the Center for Technology Transfer or the UPC Foundation:

Cooperation agreements with industry

These generally respond to specific demands of a company or institution and are aimed at solving problems in which experimentation, modeling and data analysis, undertaken in conjunction with the company technicians, provide solutions. They are a source of ideas for research and cases and examples for teaching. [More]



Training programmes "in company"

The design and delivery of seminars according to the needs of companies and institutions is a knowledge transfer activity where we are particularly active. They usually are training-action activities, since we link the seminar’s theoretical concepts to their practical use in concrete cases. Us, teachers, monitor these cases, acting as experts and coaches. [More]



Open continuous training programmes

Our previously gained experience and knowledge has led us to developing training programmes that we delivery with the same criteria of active training and tailor depending on the needs of each professional, despite the logical constraints of diverse origins (which, on the other hand, provide the opportunity to generate interesting exchange of information). We have been teaching a proper master in QM for 22 years (there have been editions in Lisbon and Santiago de Chile) and a postgraduate course in Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma for 15 years, of which there have been several editions in the Basque Country, Santiago de Chile and in Valencia, in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Valencia. [More]