Lluís Marco Almagro

My areas of interest in research are focused on the applications of statistics in different scopes. Specifically, I have worked on industrial statistics (especially design of experiments and statistical process control). Due to my PhD, I also invest time to study and develop useful statistical tools on Kansei engineering, a method to translate the emotions conveyed by the products into technical parameters of design.

I give lessons to students of industrial engineering and statistics, teaching statistical subjects (some introductory, others more specialized). I also coordinate a subject about statistical methods for control and quality improvement. I participate in the postgraduate course for professionals Lean Six Sigma improvement programmes.

I am interested in the graphical representation of data in an easily digestible way for non-technical professionals in statistics. I often spend time preparing teaching materials, and try to promote the use of active learning methods in my classes.

School of Industrial Engineering
Department of Statistics and Operations Research
Avinguda Diagonal, 647
08028 Barcelona
93 401 79 49

Collaborating Lecturer

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