Martí Font Valverde


Mine is the story of a "hobby". Having studied industrial engineering, and after a few years in private business dedicated to automation projects using computer vision, I decided, always interested in data analysis, to study a degree in Statistics. Back to school was fun and gave me a great opportunity related to research and teaching.

I have been collaborating as associated statistical professor for six years, teaching subjects in the degree of Industrial Engineering and trying to share my professional experience, currently in the logistics sector. I am also conducting research about data counts applied to text analysis, from a Bayesian view, using WinBUGS and R, for my doctoral thesis.

Day after day, I note the potential of Applied Statistics to provide answers to my inner questions, and that is when, analyzing real data and applying in the most understandable way possible what we have been taught, I am able to verify or rebate subjective appreciations that accompany these questions.


School of Industrial Engineering
Department of Statistics and Operations Research
Avinguda Diagonal, 647
08028 Barcelona
93 401 65 69

Associate Professor

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