Sara Fontdecaba Rigat

Describing my career as a time series, I am starting my research career in the field of discrete data collected equidistantly over time and making reference to small counting. At the moment I am working on more theoretical aspects, although they are only the basis for being able to see the practical use for statistics in this field.

I combine my doctorate studies with statistical consulting, which allows me to remain in direct contact with the business world. I always work with real data and try to convey the divulgation of statistical results in a way that's comfortable and easy to comprehend according to the objectives of the project. This more practical phase makes it possible to see the more multidisciplinary face of statistics, dealing with data from very diverse fields. In all of them, statistics plays a key role, and day by day more people are realizing that...

School of Industrial Engineering
Department of Satistics and Operations Research

Avinguda Diagonal, 647
08028 Barcelona
93 401 17 25


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